Helping schools and the students within them is the goal of Big Brothers Big Sisters InSchool Mentoring Program.

Caseworker Amy Hogemann talks about the difference between their traditional program and the InSchool Mentoring program.

"The InSchool program doesn't actually have a wait list like our traditional program does, what we do is when we have a mentor ready to go I'll contact one of the school's and they actually provide a student right when we have a mentor ready so that we don't have a bunch of kids waiting on the wait list because I'm sure we would have a hundred kids if we just told them to refer anyone who needs the program."

Sparing just an hour a week is all it takes to makes a big difference in the life of a child.

The students benefit immensely from the program according to Hogemann, "some of the interesting feedback we have gotten from the teachers is that  the students come away with a more positive outlook on school, they're more excited to come to school and in turn their attendance can increase. We had a student once that was really struggling with attendance and she was there every single Monday cause her mentor came on Monday."

BBBS has the mentor program in all of the elementary school's in Humboldt as well as the school in Muenster.

This year they have a partnership with the Humboldt Broncos and St. Peter's College.

To get involved and make a difference in the life of a child call the BBBS office at 682-2829.BBBS is doing a draw for a West Jet giveaway at the November 27th Humboldt Bronco game.

To hear more from Hogemann and Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.