The Minster of the Economy for the province was in Humboldt Tuesday morning to speak at the Saskatchewan Economic Developers Association conference.

With over 100 professionals in attendance, Boyd said it only made sense to address them and their work in growing the Saskatchewan economy.

"The Ministry of the Economy is charged with the responsibility of helping to grow our economy here in Saskatchewan. Clearly this conference is aimed in that direction as well where there is economic develop officers from all over the province and elsewhere here. They are clearly the trend setters in terms of what were going to see for the economy going forward here in Saskatchewan."

Boyd pointed to a couple projects that have assisted the province in keeping the lowest unemployment rate ever as well as the highest population ever recorded.

"The development of new potash mines not far from here, the BHP Billiton facility that's going up there, billions of dollars in investment. In terms of agriculture around Humboldt, Humboldt has always been a very strong and active area for investment in agriculture as well."

The two day event focused on resiliency and keeping Saskatchewan communities vibrant through a number of avenues such as Eco-museums, thrift stores, tourism and how to use story telling as a more effective way of marketing your community.

You can hear more from Boyd in his interview with Bolt FM's Angie Dukart below.