The Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Screening Bus is making its way back to Humboldt. From May 23 - June 23, the bus will be located in the Humboldt Canalta Hotel parking lot. Staff will be providing early detection screening services for women in the area as part of its biannual visit. The program is offered through the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. 

Along with six satellite screening sites and two permanent ones in Regina and Saskatoon, the agency operates the mobile screening bus in 42 communities. In even years, the bus visits 20 sites and in odd years, there are 22 sites, says Laurie Pearce, early detection coordinator.

“We’re serving healthy, well women 50 years of age and older who are not experiencing breast related health concerns,” says Pearce. 

The mission of early detection is to find any instances of cancer early. An early detection means that treatments are much easier and less invasive and the outcomes are generally much better, Pierce explains. She talks about how to access the service. 

“The service is by self-referral; you don’t need a health care provider referral. People can call our toll-free number and make an appointment.”

Spots are filling up quickly, but there are still spots available for the last week of the bus visit to Humboldt. Women over 50 with an active Saskatchewan Health card can call 1-855-584-8228 for an appointment. 

“It’s important for women in Humboldt who haven’t been screened for a while to book their appointment while we’re parked right in their community. It’s a quick and easy procedure and the techs who perform the procedure are awesome. Early detection saves lives.”