The Humboldt Broncos are in dire need of billet families.

Billet families receive financial compensation as well as other perks such as game tickets but for the Cannon family none of that is why they have players staying with them.

Renee Cannon says billeting is an amazing experience, especially if you have children.

"They have someone to laugh with and share with and ask them about their day more than just their parents. Those connections have meant a great deal to me as a mom and secondly I just look at every kid whose comes through our house, they're just someone else's kids who need a place to stay and care about them."

Moving away from home for the first time can be a hard transition, it can be even harder for a teenager.

That is the case for the majority of the Broncos who call the city home for six to eight months of the year. The Frostad family has been billeting players for three seasons.

"We are fairly new to the community," explained Carrie Frostad. "We just thought it would be a good way to get involved and do a community service and get to know some people. We have never lived anywhere with a Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team so getting to actually have a player live with you is kind of cool."

Billets are paid $330/month to offset food costs plus you will get an adult and child season ticket. The Broncos have partnered with the Humboldt Co-op for discount cards as well to help with groceries.

Cannon and her husband Devin, who is the team's billet coordinator have three players staying with them.

She says they are blessed to be able to open their home.

"They just need a place to stay, they need people to make connections with the same way that every kid going to university or whatever their next step is are going to need. I have connections with so many of the families and so many of the boys and it's been the most tremendous experience next to having my own kids."

The Frostad's have one player living in their home, Carrie still admits it's tight with her four children but worth the trouble of a little bit of space.

"We've got seven of us in one house and it does seem like a lot but the benefits certainly out weigh any craziness that there is. The kids don't mind sharing rooms or scooching a little closer to each other at the supper table to make room for one of these guys to live with you for sure."

If you are serious about helping the team out, call Devin Cannon at 306-320-7944 or email

You can hear more from both Renee and Carrie below in their interviews with Bolt FM's Clark Stork.