SGI is asking Saskatchewan drivers to “Buckle up” for the new year, saying hundreds of people every month in Saskatchewan still receive tickets for not wearing seat belts. 

“Seatbelts have been law in Saskatchewan since 1977 – that's 45 years ago. And there is a mountain of scientific evidence that seatbelts save lives; not wearing one significantly increases the chances that you’ll be seriously injured – or worse – if you’re involved in a collision.  In 2021, one-third of the vehicle occupant deaths on Saskatchewan roads involved a person who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt,” says SGI in a release. 

SGI will be focusing on seatbelt safety during the January Traffic Safety Spotlight, meaning law enforcement across the province in January will be watching for drivers who aren’t buckled up.

The Crown Corporation says clicking your seatbelt every time you drive could be the easiest new year's resolution to keep. 

“Buckling a seatbelt requires minimal effort and is as simple as it sounds. No strain, no stress, no sweat. But what you will gain is peace of mind knowing you’re safely secured in your seat.”

SGI asks caregivers transporting young children to make sure they are securely bucked into their car seats. 

Alongside making sure passengers are properly restrained, SGI suggests securing objects in the passenger compartment. 

“In the event of a collision or a rollover, anything not strapped down can become a projectile with the potential to injure the people in the vehicle.  (Think about your travel mug, your kid’s tablet, or the pair of skates in the backseat.)”