Calico Gymnastics is getting set for its major competition coming up on February 3 and 4. It’s a chance for the rising stars of Calico Gymnastics to shine as part of the 10-club competition.  

“We have 176 athletes so it’s going to be a two-day competition on Saturday and Sunday,” says Brooke Niekamp with the Club. “We have 10 different clubs from around the province attending.” 

The competitions are important leading up to provincial competition later in the season. Accumulated marks are used to reach goals for young competitors to be eligible for provincials.  

The Calico Gymnastics Club has 23 athletes involved from approximately 6-13 years of age. It’s the highest number of competitive athletes involved in their annual home competition for years, says Niekamp. Athletes compete in various disciplines.  

“They do a floor routine, a bar routine, vault and beam.”  

The public is welcome to come to the Calico Gymnastics Club on 4th Avenue to cheer on the competitors. There is a $5 admission charge at the door. For more information, contact the Calico Gymnastics Club. Get ready for all the excitement on the first weekend of February.