Ever since the Sutherland Theatre in Humboldt was decommissioned residents have been calling for it's replacement.

A new addition to the Uniplex with a theatre and field house is in it's early planning stages.

Leisure Services Director Darrel Lessmeister says the stakeholders have been consulted with, now he encourages residents to become involved.

"What the consultants have done now is, we got some background information, we hired the consultants to provide the information on what they need and we have people from the soccer association involved giving us information on what they would see in that field house and how it would meet the needs and we are also looking at what they are doing in other communities."

Construction of the project is still likely five to seven years away since it is quite the extensive project explained Lessmeister, "we're setting our priorities and figuring out what the community wanted and what they needed first and we wanted to make sure that we had that right, and now what we're doing is going down to the design. What we're doing now is seeing what that facility is gonna be used for, how is it gonna be used in the community and how is it gonna best suit the community."

Residents will have a chance to meet with architects Wednesday night at the Uniplex for a planning open house, it begins at seven o'clock.

To hear more from Lessmeister in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.