The Watson Catholic Women's League is holding a Telemiracle 40 fundraiser coming up next Saturday morning.

The community breakfast which will be held at the Watson Civic Centre begins at 9 o'clock on November 7th.

Saskatchewan country recording artist Donny Parenteau will provide the entertainment and a key message.

"Communication was always part of my discussion and also we tapped a little bit on bullying and about three or four years ago when the bullying was really getting out of hand that's when I wanted to come forward and do even more and that's why we have a tour called 'Bully Free Zone' now."

Only advance tickets are available, they need to be purchased by the end of Saturday, you can call 287-3557 for more information. They are $20/adults and $15 for students. Corporate tables are also available which will get you a tax receipt.

Parenteau is encouraging people of all ages to attend the breakfast event.

"A lot of the youth when they leave and they go home, they may not tell their parents what they heard today or what they witnessed. This gives the parents an opportunity to come in because to me bullying happens, especially in this day and age not only in youth, it happens in the work place, it happens everywhere."

You can call Chris Gaudet at 306-287-3557 for more information about tickets.

"It's something that I encourage definitely to come out and support," Parenteau added. "As they mentioned too, all proceeds of this event, 100 percent of the proceeds are going to Telemiracle 40 so it's a real good cause which is near and dear to my heart."

You can hear more from Parenteau in his interview with Bolt F's Andy Cohen below.