A large number of community and non-profit groups were able to use spare space at the Humboldt Collegiate Institute , Humboldt Public School, St. Dominic School and St. Augustine School as part of the Joint Use Agreement.

Michelle Stevenson the Recreation Program coordinator for the Community Leisure Services said the program was all about utilizing space in the different facilities.

"The purpose of it is to maximize the use of all the facilities within the city. The School Gyms, commons areas, the stage at HCI and then offer the use of the city facilities  during school hours to those schools."

Stevenson says there has been a sizable increase in the number of rentals in the period of January 1st to June 30th 2015.

"We took 443 rentals, that's just within the schools. That's our highest rental cycle yet. In the summer it drops down considerably we try and accommodate schools so they can do maintenance and get ready for the next school year."

Non-profits may use the facilities free of charge, other groups will have to pay a minimum charge of $40 per rental, other fees may be applicable depending on the use of the space. if you have a question about booking, or availability contact Stevenson at 682-2597 or email recprogram@humboldt.ca.

More information can be found on the cities website.

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