Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart says he's hopeful that we could see the United States repeal Country of Origin Legislation.

He notes the repeal is included in this week's 2000 page omnibus year end spending bill.

"I think people should be a little cautious, it has to pass in the House of Representatives, the Senate and then be signed off on by the President. Even though it was rolled into the Bill it could be rolled out, it's a very complicated system they have down there and you really can't count on anything until it goes through all these phases."

The vote could come as early as Friday, the same day that Canada and Mexico will be able to start implementing $1 billion in tariffs on a wide range of U-S products.

Stewart says he's pleased just to finally see some action on this.

"I have been saying I am hopeful, I don't think anything has changed in this regard. This is somewhat good news though. It doesn't solve the problem for us yet."

The labeling law is blamed for reducing Canada's cross-border meat exports by half and costing its beef and pork industries a billion dollars every year.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he doesn't want to jinx anything, but he's also happy to hear about the proposed legislation.