The City of Humboldt has already approved over half a million dollars in spending for next construction season to continue to fight back against storm water and the damage it can cause.

The largest chunk of the cost will be a $490,000 project that will see the water lines in the northwest corner of the city will be doubled taking twice as much water from the west side and transfer it to the lake near the Humboldt Golf Club and Water Ridge Park.

"We're going to be twinning some pipes in the 11th Avenue neighbourhood," Mayor Malcolm Eaton explained Tuesday. "It actually crosses the golf course, that will be a bit of a disruption for the golf course but we will be working with them to make that work as easy as possible but it's a very important piece."

Council also approved the purchase of pumping equipment and systems that will help take water away from Centennial Park where it tends to collect on the baseball diamonds. That is roughly $75,000.

The City will continue to approve projects and upgrade their system but Eaton says they need help from homeowners too.

"We can twin these lines and move more water which is part of the solution but the other part of the solution is as homeowners we need to get that water out of the sanitary sewer system and into the storm system so we can move it way. The sanitary system can't handle it so it's very important."

The City does have programs in place to help residents financially with these amendments. Visit their website to find out more.

Eaton is pleased these projects will move ahead in the Spring, he says it's very key to have them approved already even though the City's budget is still months away from final approval.

"We know we're going to do them, we know how we're funding them, we know where that funding is coming from. We're not relying on a decision about the budget in March or April and then be late with the tendering and the planning process. This is really important to have this early approval of these projects."

You can hear more from Mayor Eaton below in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork.