Hot on the heels of the successful Create and Donate stained glass workshop at the Gallery, Humboldt Cultural Services is back with another great crafting opportunity. The Wooden Ornament Paint Party is on this Saturday, October 22 from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm in Room 1 of the Humboldt Uniplex. That’s just across the way from the Chamber of Commerce Job Fair happening in Jubilee Hall.  

“We’ll have some sample ornaments there that our volunteers have painted to give you some ideas,” says Director of Cultural Services Jennifer Fitzpatrick. “This is a paint one to take home, and paint one to donate to the Festival of Wreaths.” 

It’s a great way to combine the two events to reach new audiences, says Fitzpatrick. The great craftspeople at Futuristic Industries helped fashion the ornaments, and all patrons have to do is pick a pair and use the provided paints and materials to decorate their festive selections. 

Thanks go out Canadian Tire and the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce for participating in the event.