On Sunday, January 15, the Saskatchewan Cup Race will be held in Humboldt on the Dixon trails. 

“Cross Country Saskatchewan hosts a series of sanctioned races throughout the province during the year, and we are on that circuit. This is the third Saskatchewan Cup Race this year in Humboldt,” says Dave Martinuk, now retired president of the Carlton Trail Ski Club, and organizer for the Saskatchewan Cup Race. 

Skiers from across the province will be attending the race, along with some Para Nordic skiers, says Martinuk. 

“Age groups will range anywhere from 4 - 5 years old to about 75 - 80 years old, so it's a very diverse group.”

Anyone can view the races, at no charge.

“We only ask that they beware of the races on the trails and try not to step on them. We’ll have things barricaded off, so it’s fairly easy to get to. If you can walk 40 - 50 yards on hard snow, then you can watch the races.”

It’s going to be a classic race for the most part, with an interval start. 

“The classic race is where people are skiing one foot in front of the other on parallel tracks. Interval start means we will be sending people out one person at a time, and they are racing against themselves because it’s really difficult to know where you are in the race pack unless you’re passing people on the way. So interval starts are a bit more technical for those racers, as opposed to a mass start.”

The first race starts at 11:00 am on Sunday, and will go on until around 2:30 pm, says Martinuk.