Royal University, St. Paul’s, and Saskatoon City Hospital Foundations have just announced the launch of the Fall 2022 Hospital Home Lottery. 

It’s time to get ready and relax on the poolside in the $1.6 Million Grand Prize Showhome, custom built by Decora Homes. Only minutes from downtown, located in Edgemont Park Estates, the stunning home emphasizes indoor-outdoor living with a splash of luxury. 

The single-floor home features an outdoor pool and pool house with beautiful south-facing views. Inside, the kitchen features high-end appliances and a stunning marble fireplace. Awarded furnished, decorated, and landscaped, plus $50,000 Cash. 

 The Early Bird Prize is just as exciting, with a Candle Lake Cottage built by Zak’s Homes and Cottages. The home comes with a jacuzzi, two Candle Lake Golf Resort Memberships, and $10,000 in cash. 

If you buy your tickets early, you will be entered to win the Beautiful Bali VIP Prize, 24-day luxury vacation for two in Bali, or $25,000 in cash. The VIP deadline is September 2. Alongside the VIP Prize is the Porsche & Papagayo Bonus Prize, which offers a new Porsche to cruise around in and 7 extravagant nights in Costa Rica, or $100,000 Cash. The bonus prize deadline is September 23. 

While purchasing tickets, you can choose to Add-On with the 50/50 and 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar. Last year, the total 50/50 sales exceeded 1.3 million dollars, with the winner walking away with half. The 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar will have one big cash winner every day, with $25,000 prizes on the first and last day and $1,000 every day in between.

Tickets are $100 each, 3-packs for $250 and 5-packs for $375. Super packs for $550 and Max Packs for $850, while quantities last. To order, call 1-866-957-0777 or click here.