Harvest is a busy time of year, but also a time where many farmers show their generosity.

A crew of around 25 farmers ran seven combines to take off a barley crop at a farm of the south of Swift Current for the Harvest for Hope.

The Harvest for Hope is a fundraiser put on by the Rock Solid Refuge, a faith-based program in Southwest Saskatchewan for teen boys struggling with life-controlling issues.

The fundraiser sees farmers share the cost of growing and harvesting a crop with the proceeds supporting the organization.

Dallas Block, Executive Director for Rock Solid Refuge, says he really appreciates the support they have had.

"It's really amazing to see farmers set aside their own crops and harvest for just a day, and come around together and help out an organization that really needs help," Block said. "They're helping young people that they don't really know and but their generosity shows just a great spirit of community."

Block talked about why he believes the farmers want to come out.

"You know what everyone, everywhere has somebody that has struggled with addiction and that kind of things, and so they were just really passionate farmers that said we want to get behind this so this is the 5th one that we've done."

Block says the yield for the crop is looking very good and he appreciates the farmers who took time out of their own harvest to help out.