Hear the beep, where you sleep.

That is the motto for Fire Prevention Week, which runs until Saturday.

The main message that Fire Prevention Canada hopes to leave is that smoke alarms need to be installed and tested in every home, and more importantly, every bedroom.

Humboldt Fire Chief Mike Kwasnica says there needs to be several in your home.

"You're required to have a smoke alarm in every hallway, every bedroom, every level. It's an important piece of equipment in your home."

Testing those fire alarms is important as well, which is why the Humboldt Fire Department is holding an open house to the public on Thursday from 5-8pm.

"(We'll have) some talks about different kinds of smoke alarms that are available out there, and what people can expect to see in their homes and how to test them."

Tests and cleaning for smoke alarms should be done every six months.

They will also have some props related to cooking and other potential fire hazards.

Members of the Humboldt department will be on hand for the discussion and demonstrations.