Former teacher, principal, and Director of Education, Lon Borgerson is hoping to become the Member of Parliament for the Prince Albert riding.

The former Saskatchewan MLA in the Lorne Calvert government is trying his first hand at federal politics.

That's because he is fed up with our Prime Minister.

"Well we've had this is now apparently our second recession since Stephan Harper came into government, we've got the worst job employment record since World War II. We're just not doing as well as we should be given the kind of country and resources we have."

Borgerson strongly believes in the NDP's platform of modernizing, not privatizing health care, tackling climate change, securing retirement for the baby boomers as well at protecting small town mail service.

Aside from their values, the long time educator, win or lose is hopeful his venture into federal politics opens the door for a younger generation.

"I've got lots of young people involved in this campaign going door to door, making music videos, young people are very important to me. To me it's a question of leaving a legacy for young people so people like me can step back and know this country is in good hands."

After being elected in the provincial election in 2003, Borgerson went on to become the Minister of Regional Economic & Cooperative Development.

Borgerson grew up on a small family farm just north of Rockglen and now lives with his partner Val near MacDowall.