Nearly every conceivable make and model of show car was on the grounds of the Humboldt Vintage Club on Sunday afternoon for the annual Show and Shine. Since the show’s return a couple years ago, this has been the biggest turnout of exhibits and the biggest crowd at the grounds to enjoy them. 

Highlights were everywhere. The 70’s bell bottom kids relished the Pontiac Trans-Ams with the once ubiquitous firebird emblazoned on the hoods. The tops were down on all the Corvettes ranging from classics to moderns.  

Of course, farmers and truck enthusiasts gathered around to peer under the open hoods of old Ford Mercury models and the Fargos.  

The cruiser crowd enjoyed the long wheelbase reminisces of classic Thunderbirds and Caprice models, tailfins resplendent in the sunshine. Plus, the bikers were there with Harleys and other models shined up, leather glistening for the event. 

Enjoy a few of the sites at another successful Vintage Club Show and Shine.