Fancy food from Ghana? Perhaps Mauritius?

The Humboldt Community Gathering Place is your destination for broadening your taste palette, as they host an Ethnic Fundraising Night on Friday.

"We're very excited," stated Manager of the Gathering Place, Marie-Louise Ternier-Gommers. "This is the first fundraising dinner we are doing under the new name and we're extremely happy that some of our new residents in Humboldt have come on board to help us give a taste of their own country."

Seating capacity inside is limited to approximately 100 people, and that's where they will cap the number for this unique event.

Tickets for the event are $35 or $60 per couple and are available at Shopper's Drug Mart, the Gathering Place, or the Newcomers Centre. While they would like the deadline to be Tuesday, they will accept those who wish to purchase tickets on Friday.

Ternier-Gommers added her excitement for the event.

"We're in for a lovely evening, with not only great food, and making new friends, but also great music, so we're very much looking forward to this, and I hope that lots of people in our community will come support us."

Dinner will begin at 6:30, featuring homemade food from Ghana and Mauritius, with families new to Humboldt bringing their roots to central Saskatchewan.

"We don't want to make something to foreign, that folks won't be able to relate to," explained Araba Quaye, who will be contributing food from Ghana. "We're playing it a little bit safer so we're going to have rice, meats, of course the flavours will be a little bit different. I think it will be all relatable to everyone who tries it."

Vanessa Marivel will be cooking up Mauritian food with the same mindset.

"Rice and chicken. We have some spice, but not too much because I know here, we don't each too much spicy. We are making dessert too, and I think everyone will love and enjoy."

Quaye added that the hope for bringing new food publicly will enlighten people to experiment new things.

"Sometimes when you keep to yourself and your way of doing things, you become limited in a way, and there is so much more you could experience and enjoy, and its like you are missing out."

"I think all around it's a good way of experiencing more things in this life. There is so much more beyond our boundaries, and there is so much more we should know about that we don't know. I think every chance we get to expand our horizons, its a good thing."

Experimenting different cultures also helps bring people together globally, says Ternier-Gommers.

"To taste one another's food is a beautiful way to break down barriers between cultures. If we never be willing to open to different cultures, different customs, we tend to get a bit ingrown, and we don't realize that we build walls. Right now what our world needs is breaking down walls."

Following dinner, the Sega Band will play their ever popular music. Frederic Marivel says the group has been playing in Humboldt for two years.

"It's enjoyable for us to show our music to the Canadian people, and it seems that they love it, and we are so happy," he added. "It's our culture. It's born since slavery time, and people can transfer their emotions through the music. As a musician, its a way that people can be inspired."

Ternier-Gommers stated that the event has the support of 17 Humboldt area businesses who have helped make planning for the evening easier.

To hear more with the group in an interview with Bolt FM's Tyler Bieber, click below.