Watrous and area boasts a new and improved SARCAN depot following the Grand Opening on April 30.  

Saskatchewan’s Environment Minister Christine Tell joined SARCAN employees for the event. In conjunction with the grand opening, the ministry and SARC announced the signing of a new four-year agreement, celebrating a 36-year long partnership. 

"I want to express my gratitude to the hardworking employees of SARCAN," Tell said. "Your dedication to recycling and environmental stewardship has not gone unnoticed. Responsible waste management is crucial, and SARCAN is an essential partner in our province's journey toward waste reduction."  

The new Watrous SARCAN depot boasts increased size, improved lighting and enhanced efficiency, with a larger space to receive customers and expanded space for Drop and Go, SARCAN's popular line-skipping service. It also features enhanced container compaction equipment to help lower the environmental footprint of the facility.  

The Watrous SARCAN depot is operated in partnership with Interlake Human Resources, a SARC Member Agency that supports people experiencing disability. 

SARCAN Watrous Staff Photo 3554.jpg Watrous SARCAN staff join in the celebration. 

"SARC, and our recycling division SARCAN, are pleased with the recent signing of a four-year contract," SARC Executive Director Amy McNeil said. "The commitment shown by the Government of Saskatchewan provides stability, allows for further system improvements, and enables SARCAN to continue to offer the province one of the most efficient and effective beverage container recycling programs in Canada. We can't think of a better way to celebrate the signing of this new contract than with the opening of a new, modern and efficient SARCAN depot in Watrous. We are proud to partner with Interlake Human Resources to operate this quicker, brighter and more efficient recycling depot that helps advance the sustainable development of Watrous and surrounding communities."   

A Ministry release stated that in 2023, SARCAN recycled 501,913,551 beverage containers - the highest number of beverage containers collected in its history. SARCAN collected 84 per cent of the beverage containers sold in Saskatchewan last year. This places Saskatchewan's beverage container recycling system as one of the most effective recycling systems in North America.