This year we had lots of great nominations and we were lucky to be able to choose three to be winners.

Our first winner this year is Claribel Ramirez-Spahui.

Claribel was nominated to win a Half Grand Helping Hand and this is what her nominator had to say.

"I would like to nominate the Spahui Family (Mom & Daughter). It's very hard to be a newcomer in Canada in general but in their case, Claribel gave birth to her daughter in Canada by herself, she came to Canada as a student and thought her husband could come along, but her husband got his visa denied twice, and her husband hasn't seen their baby in person. Claribel is currently working at Office Experts and Country Home Care. It's harder financially as she is acting as a single mom for her daughter."

We called Claribel up to share the good news.