The 2015 crop is now 91 percent complete thanks to warm and relatively dry weather.

Producers are slightly behind the five year average of 93 percent combined but are up from 84 percent from last week.

Southwest producers continue to lead the pack with 96 percent of the crop combined. 95 percent of the crop is combined in the southeast, 88 percent in the west-central and northwest regions, 87 percent in the east-central region, and 83 percent in the northeast.

Crop's vary across the province with 95 percent of durum, 93 percent of barley, 91 percent of spring wheat, 89 percent of canola, 85 percent of soybeans, 78 percent of chickpeas, 63 percent of canary seed, and 61 percent of flax combined.

Some areas of the province saw close to inch of rain over the week while some only experienced trace of amounts of rainfall. Strong winds have blown some remaining swaths and shelled out some standing crops as winds reached over 100 kilometers an hour over the weekend.

Topsoil moisture conditions are rated as 10 percent surplus, 84 percent adequate, five percent short and one percent very short. Hay land and pasture are rated as four percent surplus, 83 percent adequate, 11 percent short, and two percent very short.

Adequate amounts of hay, straw, green feed, and feed grain for winter feedings is on hand for most livestock producers.

Farmers are continuing their harvest operations and getting things in order for the winter.