(content provided by Horizon Central Athletic Association - Brian Grest)

Each year, the Horizon Central Athletic Association recognizes the contributions of key individuals who contribute to school athletics. The HCAA Recognition Awards are typically presented at the 2022 HCAA Spring Meeting, but the meeting was held virtually, thus changing both the timeline and method for the presentations. Recipients have received their awards in a personal presentation. Follow our series on the eight worthy recipients. 

Paul Strueby (St. Augustine School, Humboldt) 

Paul Strueby began his teaching career in Naicam. In his four years there, he had many coaching successes in cross country running, volleyball, and track and field. Paul made his way to St. Augustine School in Humboldt in 2013. Since being at St. Augustine School, Paul has coached flag football, boys basketball, track and field, golf, and cross country running. Paul is also involved with the HCAA at the annual pre-district and district track and field meets as the head finish line coordinator and the announcer. He is also a member of the HCAA provincial relay teams committee. Paul Strueby is a fantastic coach. He always has a well-thought out game plan for the school. He believes in teamwork and building strong relationships with staff members and students. His desire to make his school the best place for students is obvious in everything he does, and the students and staff are grateful for his contributions. Outside of school, Paul is also the president of Humboldt Minor Baseball, sits on the East Central Baseball board, and scouts for the Humboldt Broncos.

Blair Wourms (Annaheim School)

Blair Wourms has been teaching and coaching at Annaheim School for eight years. From the minute he entered Annaheim School as the physical education teacher, he has been 100% devoted to the athletics and well-being of the students in the school. During his time at Annaheim School, Blair Wourms has been involved as a coach in many sports, including volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, and track, and typically all in the same year, each year. Even if he is not coaching a group, he is willing to help them out in any way that he can. He truly wants the teams to thrive, so he puts in the time to help build programs that will make the students, school, and community proud. Blair does everything that he can to provide opportunities for students, and this goes beyond the hundreds of hours required for him to provide students with games and practices. He has organized SHSAA Provincial Championships in senior boys volleyball. He has organized senior co-op programs with other schools to help ensure that students will have a team and can participate in different sports, and will have sports programs well into the future. He assists in coaching these teams as well. Blair’s dedication to athletics for students has led to him helping groups of students win eight provincial medals in volleyball, basketball, badminton, and soccer, three of which were won this past school year. Much of this student success can be attributed to the opportunities that he is all too happy to provide. It is obvious to all that Blair wants all students to succeed and become the best players and people they can be. He holds players to high standards athletically, academically, and personally, and he models these standards in all of his interactions with them. He not only encourages students, but coaches them through tough times on the court and in their personal lives as well. Students and players are lucky to have someone like Blair Wourms in their corner.