Humboldt Collegiate has been home to Bingo and Badminton events over the last couple of years. These fundraisers have helped to support staff and students. This year’s edition is sponsored by the HCI French Club in an effort to raise money for an educational trip to eastern Canada, immersing students in French language and culture.  

“The students have put a ton of work into it,” says HCI French program coordinator Brittany Petit. “In May, we are going to Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa for a week. We have such a busy schedule; we are going to museums, to Parliament, to plays and shows. It will be a great experience to immerse themselves in the French culture there.” 

The travel experience marks a return to travel experience with EF tours which were waylaid during the pandemic. The experience is open to all grades 10 – 12 students registered in core French at HCI. The group will be connecting with an EF touring group from the Maritimes for the down east travel portion of the excursion. 

Funds will be raised through the badminton tournament itself along with the proceeds from the bingo games which go throughout the afternoon. Also on hand will be a silent auction table, lunch, snacks and a baked goods table.  

Bingo cards are $5 a piece or 3 for $10. Entry to the badminton tournament for singles or doubles pool is $10 with all the proceeds going to support the student excursion. For details, contact via email at