HCI is now a little roomier, with an added expansion to help with overcrowding at Humboldt’s high school. 

Communications Coordinator for the Horizon School Division, Jesse Green, explained the rationale behind the expansion. 

“The Ministry of Education has a formula which we use to calculate capacity at our schools, and Humboldt Collegiate was overcapacity, so we applied for a portable and we were approved.” 

The expansion was added with a crane on March 31, with construction putting some finishing touches throughout the summer to be made ready for the fall. 

The classroom is another learning space for the students, and does not have any specific uses as of yet, explained Green. 

“We are pleased with the work that has been completed, and have been able to stay pretty much on schedule; despite some supply chain problems. Really looking forward to the students enjoying that extra space.”

Green stated HCI is looking forward to using the portable to allow for more learning space.