After two years of campaigning for new cardiac equipment for the Humboldt and District Hospital, the Hospital Foundation has officially reached its goal. 

Lorrie Bunko, Executive Director of the Humboldt and District Hospital Foundation, stated there is relief in meeting the goal. 

“We are very excited, and it’s quite a relief actually, because the project is taking place 2022-23. We were nearing the end of our time limit, and we are just very grateful that we could achieve this.”

The project in question is replacing all the cardiac equipment within the Humboldt Hospital. 

“It’s a huge project that is going to be taking place, and a big benefit to our health care facility.”

Following the completion of this goal, the HDHF is looking into more projects with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to make the Humboldt Hospital the best it can be. 

“Thank you to everyone throughout this district for their ongoing support and generosity and their commitment to our healthcare facility.”