The Humboldt Hammerheads swim meet will be diving into competitions this Saturday, June 18, at the Humboldt Aquatic Centre. 

Swimmers have been training for months, preparing for their first competitive season in three years. 

“COVID took a chunk out of our competitive season, and our competitive life in speed swimming, so we have 182 swimmers from across the province that are coming for the first competition in three years, it's pretty fantastic,” states Leisl Lefebvre, coach for Humboldt Hammerheads swim club. 

This competition will not look like past events,  no audience members are allowed to watch in person, so the swim club took a different approach.

“We have to meet some guidelines from swim sask, so we cant have people actually watching on deck. We will be live streaming the entire event through DiscoverHumboldt, so if you can't come down and watch this year as an official on deck, then you can watch from home.”

For those parents coming in from out of town, the HCI commons will be open, with the live stream available to watch. 

Some swimmers will be competing for the first time, stated Lefevre. 

“They have never done this before, the swimmers. They’re ready, they’re diving, they’re swimming, they’re fantastic. We’ve been looking forward to this for three very, very long summers, and I’m just excited to be back on deck and in the water.”

The stream will be live from 9:00 am until the competition is over, and can be found on the DiscoverHumboldt Youtube page.