A community wellness assessment will be conducted throughout October in the town of Naicam.

Community members are asked to take three to five minutes to fill out the survey online at kelseytrailhealth.ca starting Thursday.

Rita Robertson, Community Wellness Coordinator says the survey covers a wide variety of issues that may occur in town.

"It could be as big as wanting a group for say a grieve group or it could be as small as just wanting a community presentation around a specific topic like bullying or health related issues any of those types of things."

You can also take the survey in person from 12-4 on October 22nd at the Prairie North Coop in Naicam.

Robertson said the information collected will be reviewed by the Primary Health Care Provider Team, "there may be issues in the survey that the team itself can not deal but maybe the town could possibly deal with so those issues would go to the town and just have some discussions on how we can work together and how we can address the needs that have been identified out of the survey."

The survey will be available online until October 30th.

To hear more from Robertson in her full interview with Bolt FM's Ronal Quaroni click below.