If you still have some left over yard waste and you are wondering how to dispose of it the local Kidsport committee can likely help with that.

Every year Kidsport helps raise money to allow under privileged kids get involved in athletics.

Chair Mike Ulriksen explains how compost is helping to do just that.

"We've got a few of our committee members that are going to go out Monday, November 9th and if there's people that have compost, leaves, bags of stuff from your garden that you haven't had a chance to take to the dump yet we will come take it off your hands."

The cost is a $20 donation which is tax receivable. If you don't have anything yet and have been putting off the winterizing of your yard this weekend has predicted highs of five and six degrees under sunshine.

"This weekend is a perfect weekend to get that finalized," Ulriksen continued. "Instead of having to make a trip to the dump if you want to consider donating to the Kidsport little fundraiser here we're not expecting huge numbers but if we can get a good chunk of people that want to donate to this cause it's going to help several children participate in sports this year."

To get your stuff picked up you can simply call the Uniplex administration desk at 682-2597 and leave all your information with them. If you are not going to be home on Monday but still want your stuff picked up you can leave instructions with the admin staff as well or even designate a time to be at your residence.

The committee will cooperate as much as possible to help make this initiative a success.

You can find out more from Ulriksen below in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork.