Most Saskatchewan rinks are quiet in the warm days of summer, locked up but for local celebrations and events on the odd occasion. During the summer months, that’s when maintenance is often undertaken for the upcoming winter months. An important piece of helping with those repairs and operating costs has always been the Community Rink Affordability Grants from the province.  

This year 585 skating and curling ice surfaces across the province received funding through the grant program.  

"The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to support our province’s community rinks by investing $1.6 million annually to the program,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Laura Ross said. “These facilities play such an important role as hubs for gathering and physical activity. These rinks receive tremendous community support at every level and are well-used by families, youth and seniors and contribute to our quality of life here in Saskatchewan.” 

The program, administered by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA), awarded grants of $2,500 to 585 ice surfaces in 2023-24. This included 382 skating surfaces and 203 curling surfaces. Since 2021-22, over $5.8 million has been provided through the program. 

“I am pleased to see the impact of the Community Rink Affordability Grant reflected in the sincere responses from communities,” SPRA President Darcy McLeod said. “From ensuring operational hours to fostering vibrant hubs of community social activity, the grant is more than just financial support; it can be a lifeline for our small-town arenas.” 

The Community Rink Affordability Grant provides funding to help offset the costs of operating indoor skating and curling rinks in Saskatchewan. Communities, First Nations, schools and non-profits are eligible and encouraged to register for an annual grant per indoor ice surface.