Steps have been made towards a Regional Emergency Mangement Operation in Humboldt and the surrounding area.  

The discussion has been ongoing for several years, with interest being expressed along with communities and rural municipalities in the area. 

This led to a successful application for a TSS grant to hire a consultant to help develop an emergency plan for the region. 

Recently a tender was put out to seek companies or individuals for the position.  

Ray Unrau, a retired Director of Emergency Management for the Saskatchewan Public Safety has been appointed.  

In 2024 Budget, the City of Humboldt increased funding for Emergency Management Operation activities to over $30,000.  

The goal of the Emergency Mangement Operation is to build a resilience capacity for each municipality and the region to adapt to disturbances results from hazards by preserving, recuperating or changing to reach and maintain an acceptable level of functioning.  

Members have agreed to enter a three-year pilot project with a review process of the Emergency Management Operation after the second year. 

A motion was passed at the recent executive meeting to go ahead with the project.