A local man is looking to make a positive difference in the Fort McMurray disaster relief efforts.

Jesse St. Germain is collecting donations to give to those fleeing from the forest fire.

He says his main worry is the kids involved.

"There's so many kids out there, that's really my main concern; little ones. It drives me crazy that they are in that position. If I can do a little bit of something on behalf of Lanigan and Humboldt area..."

St. Germain of Lanigan is a former resident of Fort McMurray, and he plans on delivering the donations himself. He says people escaping the flames are lacking some of the most basic needs.

"I just did a run to Fort McMurray with supplies myself, and that was one thing that everybody said they didn't have enough of. Toilet Paper, feminine products, towels, blankets, body wash, deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste, kids toys, all the things they couldn't grab before they had to run for their lives."

St. Germain further explains his connection to the city of Fort McMurray.

"It's a bit of a heart wrenching thing for us, my wife especially. She went to High School there, she's got all kinds of friends there, she's got over 20 people that still haven't checked in with Red Cross so she doesn't know if they're okay even. The families that are keeping in touch, they are okay for an extent, but they still need stuff."

If you have any donations to offer, you are encouraged to stop by the Lanigan Co-op where St. Germain will be from one until six this afternoon.

If you are unable to make it today, you can contact St. Germain at (306) 318-0105