The Watson community recently gathered at the Watson Midway Co-op location for a special event aimed at supporting their local fire department. The event, which featured a barbecue and the distribution of equity checks, was a resounding success. Glenn Thacyk, the Fire Chief of Watson, expressed his gratitude towards the Co-op for their support and highlighted the importance of the fundraiser for ongoing fire department projects.

people at bbq

Currently, the Watson Fire Department is focused on two major initiatives. The first is the replacement of their aging mobile command unit, an old ambulance that is being upgraded to a new 4x4 mobile command center. This new vehicle is essential for serving the rural areas around Watson, especially during harsh winter conditions when the roads are less than ideal.

In addition to the new mobile command unit, the fire department is also in the process of acquiring a larger facility. Their current fire hall on Main Street has become too small to accommodate the increasing size and amount of equipment. The new facility, located at the old OK Tire shop in Watson, will provide much-needed space for all their gear, some of which is currently in extra storage.

The fire department's commitment to having the best equipment and well-trained volunteer crew is crucial, as they not only serve Watson but also provide mutual aid to surrounding communities. Watson’s strategic location at a key intersection in the province makes it vital for the fire department to be well-equipped and ready for any emergency.

The community's support at the BBQ fundraiser reflects their dedication to ensuring that the Watson Fire Department can continue to provide exceptional service. Residents enjoyed delicious burgers while contributing to the betterment of their local fire service. This event exemplifies the strong community spirit in Watson, where neighbours come together to support one another.