With an increased demand for housing in mind, local developer Andrew Breker and his partners are now able to move ahead with a plan for short term residences after Monday night’s Humboldt City Council meeting. City Council approved a contract zoning agreement for a portion of the Southern Pine Acres Trailer Park along Highway 20.  

The move will allow Breker and business partner Trevis McConaghy to establish 24 new housing units through 6 four-unit modular developments on the property. The zoning contract would allow for the development of the housing under a 15-year agreement that would terminate September 1, 2038, after which it could be renewed or re-evaluated.  

In his written submission to City Council, Breker explained that the intention is to provide short term housing which he anticipates will increase in demand from BHP and ancillary service workers.  

The intention is to rent these units to working class people, likely contractors doing work in the area on 3–24-month terms, explained Breker in the statement.  

“We had had many inquiries about these types of units and feel comfortable that we will have no trouble renting them.”  

The development would be completed through a partnership between Breker Kunz Properties Ltd and Trevis Ventures Ltd.  

No additional infrastructure is expected to be needed for the development to proceed. The City noted in its prepared report that any upgrades to 10th Street on other infrastructure would require a new service agreement to be struck, and that the costs would fall to the developer.  

“This is a great idea, and we definitely need this right now in our city as we get ready for expansion,” noted Mayor Michael Behiel during the meeting’s deliberation.” 

Following a public hearing, attended by Breker as the applicant, City Council voted unanimously to approve the zoning contract.  

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