Glenn Wright has worked as an engineer in Saskatchewan for a decade and a half, he says he is willing to give that up to help change Canada and Saskatchewan.

The Delisle area resident is running for the NDP in the riding of Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek.

He says his experience in those industries can help keep them flourishing if elected on October 19th.

"I've worked for 15 years in the resource sector either in oil and gas or uranium mining and I know quite a bit how to properly expand and grow those economies."

"From my perspective what we have been failing to do is grow those enterprises and also look after the environment at the same time."

He explains the impact he hopes to have in four years if elected later this month.

"For them to regard Glenn Wright as someone who is much more engaged and to be certainly more available to the voters because the service that I've personally got from the Conservatives when I've tried to approach my Member of Parliament is terrible. That to me, we're a public servant, you expect your public servant to serve, that's their job."

Wright is a married father of three who lives near Delisle making his first attempt at politics.