Residents of Muenster will see work on roadways and drainage over the next little while as the Village of Muenster gets a major project underway.  

The work, undertaken by Kirsch Construction as the primary contractor, involves culvert replacement, ditch shaping, road edge clearing and road upgrades. Along with sloping the roads from improved water shedding, the work on the drainage system will ensure run-off and rainfall heads to outlets quickly.  

The project is budgeted at $240,000,” explained Jan Sylvestre, chief administrative officer for the Village. In that, there are six major culverts that are going to be replaced by the contractor. The second part of that work will be ditch shaping throughout the entire village.” 

Road shaping will involve lowering the profile in some areas where gravel and sediment have accumulated over the years, while other spots will see material added to lift the profile of the road and provide for shaping to promote drainage. Once the roads are crowned, a fresh layer of gravel will be added followed by a binding agent for dust suppression.  

Sylvester explains that the money for the project comes from the Village’s capital asset reserves and that no new loans would be required.  

One new culvert is being installed at the intersection of First Avenue and Scott Street. The end result will be streets and adjacent drainage systems that will make for better travel. A complete breakdown of the work to be done is available at the Village Office and on the Village of Muenster website.