The Marysburg Royals weren't successful in their bid for a Saskatchewan AA senior baseball title this year but their second place performance a couple weeks ago was enough to punch their ticket to the Western Championship in Baldur, Manitoba.

This will be the club's first appearance at the tournament since 2011 where they traveled to Trail, British Columbia. It is actually BC's doing that has given them a chance to participate again. Going into provincials the Royals knew the top two teams would make the trip east because BC wasn't sending a representative this season.

They Royals fell to the Regina Trappers in Moose Jaw so they will join them in Baldur.

Longtime Royal Curtis Strueby says both those representatives will be tough.

"We expect to see some good teams, Regina will be strong we know that. We actually haven't seen the other teams obviously but we're guessing the host team Baldur will be strong, they have a deep baseball tradition there in that town."

Baldur, like Muenster has actually been inducted into their province's Baseball Hall of Fame. Other teams competing during the four day tournament is the St. James A's and Calgary Canadians. The five teams will play a round robin format with the play-offs beginning Sunday afternoon.

Five games to win in three days is a lot to ask for but Strueby says they have added a couple arms to hopefully get them through.

"It's kind of nice to be able take a couple guys that we know of and add them to our roster and try to replace the guys that can't make it. That always what you try to do and add a few pitchers."

They will bring two players from the Carlyle Cardinals, one from Weyburn and another from Saskatoon.

Despite the loss to the Trappers at provincials Strueby is confident they will be right in the mix.

"As you get older you learn to appreciate how tough it is to get there actually and you know you do just want to have some fun too. If we go there, have some fun and just play the game we know we can compete with any team there. We know that for a fact and hopefully if that happens we will be in the thick of things."

The Royals will open the bracket versus the Trappers Friday at 8 o'clock Saskatchewan time. At 5pm Friday they will battle Calgary. They are back on the diamond Saturday at 8am against the host Baldur before closing the round robin against St. James.

The gold medal game is slated for 5pm Sunday evening.

You can hear more from Strueby in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.