The Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery’s bonus prize deadline is fast approaching and will close at midnight, September 23. 

The bonus prize is a Porsche and a trip to Papagayo, Costa Rica or the option to take home $100,000. 

“Let go of it all and live the 'Pura Vida' life! Spend seven extravagant nights for two at the Planet Hollywood resort in Papagayo, Costa Rica. Back home, cool down and cruise around in your new luxury Porsche Cayenne” says the Hospital Home Lottery in a release. 

The deadline is coming to a close soon, but if you miss out on the bonus prize, you’ll still have a chance to win the various other prizes available. 

Prizes like the early bird prize, a candle lake cottage. 

“The cottage is worth over $800,000 and it's a beautiful space at the Candle Lake Resort. It comes not only with a Jacuzzi, but it also comes with two memberships to the Golf Course,” explained Jennifer Molloy, with the Hospital Home Lottery. 

Alongside the early bird prize is the Grand Prize Showhome, worth over $1.6 Million located in Edgemont Park Estates. 

“For the first time ever we have a pool. It also comes with a pool house, so we are pretty sure some fun summers are ahead for the lucky winner.”

The funds from the tickets sold go towards the hospitals in Saskatoon. 

“The lottery is really important to the three hospital foundations in Saskatoon, the Royal University Hospital Foundation, City Hospital, and St. Pauls Hospital. It supports much needed equipment and tools that our health care workers need to get in their hands to provide the best possible health care to our patients.”

Tickets for the Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery can be found by clicking here.