Distracted driving is the number one contributor to accidents across the province, and SGI is once again putting it on focus.

Throughout October, police across Saskatchewan will be targeting distracted drivers, which often includes cellphone usage.

There can be other distractions however, as SGI Media Relations Manager Kelley Brinkworth explains.

"Putting on make-up, maybe you're talking to a passenger, or eating. Those things aren't illegal to do, but if it takes away your attention from the road, then police can charge you with driving without due care and attention."

Last year, there were over 3,300 collisions in the province related to distracted driving. Nearly 600 people were injured, with 26 killed.

Hands free devices have been on the rise for people traveling, but still needing to pay attention to the road.

Brinkworth says that new drivers need to be aware of the rules regarding those devices.

"If you are a new driver, so that means anybody in the graduated drivers license program, you can't use handheld, or hands free," she stated. "If you are an experienced driver, so you're no longer in the GDL program, you are permitted to use the hands free."

Those caught on their phone, or driving without care can expect to see their wallet lighten, as well as potentially facing insurance spikes.

"It's a $280 fine, and you also get four demerit points under the safe driver recognition program," Brinkworth added. "Depending where you sit on the safety rating scale, you could also receive a financial penalty. As well, you could also lose some of your insurance discount."

New regulations were put into effect in June 2014 that will lead to vehicle seizure for seven days on a second or subsequent offence for cellphone use within one year, or a third or subsequent use for driving without due care and attention within one year.