A few steps will go a long way this weekend.   

The St. Mary’s Villa Foundation will hold its second annual ‘Build A Home’ Walk on Sunday, beginning with the walk at 11:00, involving residents, family members, and friends.   

Executive Director Donna Muench says the walk began to raise funds for equipment for a new long-term care home.   

Even without an official announcement of the long-term care home, Muench emphasizes the importance of securing funds for necessary equipment. “We decided to start early enough because it’s going to take a while to raise the dollars.”  

Some essential equipment for a long-term care home includes beds, lifts, and tubs. 

The inaugural walk generated around $15,000 for the campaign.  

“It was a great first-time event,” said Muench, “and we’re hoping to build on it for this year.”   

She noted a positive of holding the walk is to involve the residents of the villa.    

“They (residents) very much enjoyed it last year.” She added, “Everybody participated and grabbed a resident in a wheelchair and took them for a walk, it was a great afternoon.”  

One change in 2024 will be a theme for the walk. With Western Week set for Humboldt, participants are encouraged to dress in their favourite Western Wear for the Walk.   

After the walk, the Humboldt Lions Club and Humboldt Co-op will host a Burger Sale at noon. 

Shortly afterward, entertainment will be provided with music from Brian Grest and Brett Hrynewich. Spectators are asked to bring their lawn chairs.   

Pledge sheets can be found at the Villa, and online pledges are available. There is more information located on the St. Mary’s Villa Foundation Facebook page.   

Muench added that they are looking for online sponsorship for the walk, with more information available on the Foundation’s Facebook page.