STARS’ annual Critical Care on the Air Radiothon presented by BHP across 40 radio stations in Saskatchewan raised $433,548 to support STARS operations in the province.

Throughout the two days, community members tuned in to hear courageous and generous stories from Very Important Patients (VIPs), members of the STARS flight crew, community allies, and many more.

Additionally, the four Very Important Patients, who shared their STARS stories to support theraditiothon, helped raise $29,261 towards supporting the next patient in need. Thank you to Easton Daae, Carter Yunick, Troy Duncan, and Ryan Straschnitzki for sharing their stories and for helping make this radiothon a tremendous success.

“All of us at STARS are incredibly grateful to the people and communities across Saskatchewan who came out to provide a historic show of support for the Critical Care on the Air Radiothon,” said Katherine Emberly, President and CEO of STARS. “ Thanks to you we will continue to explore industry leading innovations, provide the highest quality critical care, and deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.”

STARS could not do this without sponsors and their geneorous support throughtout the Radiothon. Their dedication helps ensure that STARS can provide critical care to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

All funds raised from the radiothon will go directly to supporting STARS missions in Saskatchewan and pursuing emerging innovations that will help shape the future of critical care.