Green Party Byron Tenkink started his career off in research until funding was cut twice at a federally funded lab.

When the election rolled around he decided it was time to get involved and is running for the Green Party in the Prince Albert riding.

Tenkink says he would like to see a more diverse Canada.

"Canada is second worst in developed countries for funding innovation which means were just falling behind in a information based economy, which is sort of sad. The push towards resources, it pays well as long as oil is high, as soon as oil takes a dip, we're back in a recession."

He added that he wants to see an economy that doesn't just focus on resources and manufacturing.

With the federal election less than two weeks away he wants to make an impact.

"If elected I think it would be a great opportunity to show the rest of Canada what the green Party is right now. We are more than a one issue party, we have developed into a forward thinking, progressive by definition, federal party and to me that is hugely exciting to be a part of that and I'm just hoping that the rest of my fellow voters will see what I see."

Tenkink grew up around Saskatoon and currently runs a paving company but he is hoping things will change on October 19th.

Others entered in the race for the constituency of Prince Albert is Lon Borgerson of the NDP, Liberal Gordon Kirkby, and Randy Hoback of the Conservatives.