In an inspiring fusion of music and philanthropy, the Futuristic Industries All-Star Choir, guided by their unwavering spirit and the efforts of Futuristic's Executive Director Ray Whitton and Recycling Coordinator Ben Donaldson, is poised to grace the stage for a noble cause. The choir, composed of participants from Futuristic Industries' day program, is set to host a fundraising event on February 16th at The Gathering Place, commencing at 7:00 PM. This special night promises not only an array of musical talents including local musicians, Ben Donaldson, Lady Friday, Ray Whitton, and Walter Bushman, but also the highlight performance by the choir itself.

The original idea started with a goal to try and get to the Telemiracle stage says Ray Whitton. "Ben and I have been working with the folks at Futuristic Industries during our regular Thursday music class to put together a choir, and our goal was to audition and, fingers crossed, make it onto the show this year. And the folks did amazing and we were fortunate enough to be asked to perform."
Now that the choir has been asked to perform at Telemiricle they want to be able to present a donation to the cause as well.

The fundraiser organized to support Telemiracle 48 will feature an array of engaging activities. Attendees can look forward to a 50/50 draw, a silent auction, and a modest $10 entry fee, all meticulously designed to ensure that the proceeds directly bolster Telemiracle's commendable efforts.

The inception of this musical journey began almost a year ago, stemming from Ray Whitton's idea to reinterpret a song by The Tragically Hip. With the teamwork of Ben Donaldson, the choir has dedicated countless hours to perfecting their performance, blending melodic voices with the harmonious choir in anticipation of their debut on the Telemiracle 48 telethon.

Ben Donaldson spoke about what they are doing and how they felt when they got selected to perform. "Ray had the idea to use a Tragically Hip song, and so we have some of our people singing the melody and then the rest are all doing the choir, which I get to lead, which is a lot of fun. And we have been working really hard at it and we were so excited when Telemiracle said that we get to play on their show. "

In an exciting turn of events, the choir's early rehearsals shared on their TikTok page, caught the attention of The Tragically Hip's official TikTok account, earning praise and encouragement. This digital nod of approval has undoubtedly fueled the group's enthusiasm and commitment to their craft.

While the specific Tragically Hip song selected for the performance remains a closely guarded secret, the anticipation only adds to the allure of the upcoming event. The Futuristic Industries All-Star Choir, alongside a diverse lineup of performers, is set to offer a memorable evening of music spanning rock'n'roll to folk, all in the spirit of community and generosity. Tickets are available to purchase at Futuristics Industries. 

Members of the choir shared their excitement and nerves, reflecting on the transformative power of music and the joy of contributing to a meaningful cause. The collective optimism and dedication of these individuals, supported by the leadership of Ray Whitton and Ben Donaldson, highlight the profound impact of music for everyone. 

Yvette Crane had this to say when asked how she felt about being a part of the choir, "Well at first I was a little bit nervous and then everything just turned out. So I was good." Morris Matieshen who is no stranger to the Telemiracle stage had this to say, "I feel good. I'm very happy that we're doing this and I hope we have a lot of fun and all the people come out and cheer us on and I am really excited." Morris was on Telemiracle back in 2020 singing You Are My Sunshine

With the community of Humboldt rallying behind them, the Futuristic Industries All-Star Choir is not just hopeful to deliver an unforgettable musical experience but also to make a significant financial contribution to Telemiracle, embodying the true spirit of giving back through the universal language of music.

Futuristic all star choir