In a release posted to social media, the town of Lanigan announced it has secured the services of an interim chief administrative officer following the departure of Albert Headrick who was hired in 2023. Ron McCullough has been named to the position. 

Bloom Centre for Municipal Education (CME) continues its involvement in the town following a series of complaints and subsequent investigations surrounding some town council members’ actions. The release states that CME is supporting McCullough as he enters the position. 

“I’m excited for this new state of development for the Town of Lanigan,” states McCullough in the release. “I look forward to working with Council, the staff and the public to bring together the resources necessary to create success for Council, staff and the community.” 

The release goes on to state that for over 16 years, McCullough has owned a management consulting company, helping municipalities with communications, strategic planning, leadership development, and business analysis. With experience throughout the prairies, McCullough places the strength of the community with its residents and from strong leadership with a clear vision. 

Town council expressed its excitement for what McCullough’s leadership. He will be tasked with reviewing the organization of Town Administration’s human resources and to help build Administration's office team, increasing its capabilities to best meet the needs of the community and its residents. The release set an optimistic tone for opportunities on the horizon as the council works to provide a new level of service quality for residents. 

“We're very happy to welcome Ron to our team,” states Mayor Tony Mycock. “With the transitions occurring before us, Ron's leadership and Bloom’s support will help steer us toward a sustainable, prosperous future.”