Late on Saturday, June 15 the “God’s Doors” art installation at Westminster United Church was vandalized and flattened. The installation features eight doors; displaying the Reconciliation Saskatchewan and Affirm United logos beside six rainbow doors painted with a message conveying love and acceptance. 

A statement from the Westminster United Church Affirm Team outlines that all eight doors of the installation were securely fastened together with 2x4s and held up by 3 metal fence posts reinforced with steel due to previous vandalism. Since raising this art installation during Pride Month in June 2023 and 2024, the doors have been damaged five times.  Each time the doors were set back up, more posts, straps and boards were placed to add strength, and every time vandals had to work harder to destroy them, says the statement. 

“Humboldt’s Westminster United Church became an Affirming Ministry in March of this year, believing as Jesus did, that all humans deserve to be accepted for who they are as God made them.   Westminter publicly, intentionally, explicitly affirms the sacred worth of all people, and recognizes the full rainbow spectrum of people:  all gender identities and sexual orientations, family composition, ages, racialized groups, cultural backgrounds, intellectual and physical ability, mental health status and economic circumstances. 

Despite sliced ratchet straps and broken metal poles that sadly illustrate what people must feel when they’re battered by society, the Westminster community of faith is resilient and intends to be a continued loving and persistent presence in the Humboldt and area community …..because ‘God’s doors are open to all.’” 

The incident has been reported to Humboldt RCMP. Anyone who has any information is welcome to contact the detachment.