Last chance to catch "The Curst" this weekend at Dancing Sky Theatre. Check out the full story below.

Theatre goers who travelled to Meacham’s Dancing Sky Theatre experience a show like no other with “The Curst.” It’s the story of a band so unlucky that the prospect of success seems like a hollow pursuit for the tenacious band mates. It’s based on the real life story of Library Voice, a talented and revered Regina group formed in the 2000s, dubbed the unluckiest band in Canada.

The narrative unfolds in a unique fashion with a combination of live musical performance by an incredibly talented cast. The sound is damped down to accommodate the small theatre, but the energy of the performers conveys a no holds barred rock concert. 

The story is also carried through the actors’ dramatic performances, both live and captured on screen in “mockumentary” styled black and white cinema. The clever interweaving of the stylized film and the shifting stage settings, accomplished with a stripped down, industrial looking rock stage design, took the tale through years of the bands trials. 

Tim Batton masterfully captures the earnestness and the neurosis of the band’s creative lynchpin, Merle. Declan Hills combines blistering guitar work and a frenetic energy and optimism that drives the band forward. 

Erica McFadyen shines on the drum kit, an instrument she hadn’t played before the production, as Val and a host of other characters including the band’s most stalwart fan. Krystle Pedersen rounds out the cast as Karen, the bass player anchor who works to keep Merle’s occasional bouts of anxiety and self-doubt in check.

It’s a story about grit and determination, the choices we make, and holding fast in a world where forces seem set to conspire against you. The crisp, funny dialogue balances the play’s heavy moments to take the audience on a truly Saskatchewan inspired rock and roll fantasy.

There’s one more weekend to catch this amazing show at Dancing Sky Theatre in Meacham. Performances run Thursday through Sunday with a finale on May 14. More information and online tickets are available at Dancing Sky Theatre’s website.