The Humboldt Karate Club is inviting area women to take part in a women's self defense class.

Women ages 13 and up will learn escape and control techniques from sensei Mark Minarik on Saturday from 2:30 to 5pm.

Instructor Bryce Nagy talked about his experience with karate.

"I've been involved with karate for almost ten years now, I've been training out of Midwest Karate Club in Saskatoon with sensei Mark Minarik, I'm a second degree black belt now and I started my own club here in Humboldt about three years ago."

Nagy said the class is beneficial for everyone, "I really recommend you try out, self-defense it's good for everyone to learn it and if you're thinking of doing martial arts even outside of self-defense this is a good thing to try to see if you like it."

The cost of the class is $40 a person, call 230-7694 to register or email

Past participants have taken away many things from the class according to Nagy, "they've had very positive reviews for it, they have a lot of fun with it, it is very informative and they learn a lot of really practical techniques and they also said that it's very good exercise as well."

The class is being held at St. Dominic School.

To hear more from Nagy in his full interview with Bolt FM's Ronald Quaroni click below.