It has been an exciting year for Safe Communities Humboldt and Area, as we take a look back at all the accomplishments and successes that have happened over the year. 

Amanda Hauber, Executive Director of Safe Communities says that it was a great year, being able to go back to being in-person and hosting programs. Programs such as the P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) program, which is an interactive injury prevention and health promotion program for teenagers and educates them about the consequences of risk-taking behaviours.

“126 grade 9 and 10 students from HCI, Englefeld, Three Lakes, Watson, and Lanigan schools [attended] in May.”

And while there was programming for the older kids, soon after was a program targeted toward a younger audience. 

“We hosted a bike rodeo on Safety Day for nearly 300 St.Dominic, HPS, and Home-schooled elementary students in May.”

Safe Communities puts on various events and programs for the community, such as the positive ticketing campaign, car seat clinics, and SafeTALK. While the programs are educational and helpful for the community, it takes a lot of help to prepare for them. 

One of the struggles that Safe Communities found this year was finding volunteers, explained Hauber. 

“With the size of this organization and the number of events we offer, we are always in need of volunteers to assist us in delivering these programs throughout the region.”

She says that the lack of volunteers is not the only problem they faced this year, and says everyone can relate to the rise in costs. 

“We offer all our programs free of charge to our participants with the exception of SafeTALK, so we are always looking for new corporate partners interested in advocating for safety in the Humboldt and surrounding area.”

Regardless of the struggles they faced in the last year, Hauber says that the organization is excited for the next year, and has planned many more events such as another safeTALK presentation, some car seat clinics, and many more ideas on the horizon. 

“We want to thank all our volunteers, presenters, program partners, financial supporters, and participants from 2022 for helping make our events and programs a success. We wish you all a very healthy, safe, and merry Christmas season.”