A young girl trying to educate people on agriculture seems to have won her battle with YouTube.

"Learning About Ag With Mady" relates life on the family farm at Kindersley.

Ten-year-old Mady started her own YouTube channel last year in an effort to help educate people on where their food comes from.

"I recently had a video taken down by YouTube. As you know I participate in and share about farming practices on our farm always learning alongside an adult ensuring everyone's safety."

Last week, YouTube pulled her "Wrap on 2022" video saying it was removed due to a possible violation regarding "content that features a minor participating in a dangerous activity."

Supporters rallied around Mady and tagged Team YouTube over their decision.

Among the supporters tagging @TeamYouTube Premier Scott Moe and fellow YouTuber QuickDickMcDick.

Premier Moe says he hoped that @TeamYouTube would reconsider their decision to remove Mady's video.

Dick says that Mady educates people about how we do agriculture here in Saskatchewan and shows girls it's okay and important to be a part of Ag.

It appears to have worked, the video is back.