Aiden Behiel has been awarded an impressive scholarship by the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) called the Chancellors’ Scholarship. 

The Chancellor's Scholarship is one of the Best and Brightest scholarships offered at the U of S; recipients must have an academic average of 95 and above to be considered. 

The scholarship is valued at $30,000, totalling $7,500 over four years. Aiden Behiel explained the process. 

“It’s covered towards your tuition and enrollment fees in particular, so if your classes can be paid for with that amount, it will go directly to you. Whatever is left can be directly deposited towards your next set of courses.”

Behiel stated he was approached by Paul Raycroft, teacher and guidance counselor at Humboldt Collegiate Institute, about applying for the scholarship. 

“Academics is something I very highly value, and I thought ‘oh, these would fit me well,’ so I filled in the application as he suggested, had him look it over and sent it in.”

Behiel stated it came as a shock to him after receiving the news that he had won the scholarship, remembering the day very clearly after having a meeting with Raycroft. 

“He said, ‘Hey have you heard the news?’ and I had absolutely no clue what he was talking about, so he turned his email over to me and said, ‘Congratulations, you have just won $30,000.’”

Of all the applications submitted for the program, only 12 applicants are selected.

“It was always in the back of my mind, I mean you are one of however many applications, are you going to win? The fact that I did was really amazing, really shocking, and makes me very fortunate.”

Behiel's current plan is to enroll at the U of S for the college of Arts and Sciences. 

“I am planning on going either for English or some kind of Sociology/ Psychology degree.”

After two years of classes, Behiel stated he plans on entering a joint program into the Juris Doctor Program for Law. 

“I want to go to the U of S for about two years, then complete both degrees at the same time.”

Behiel wanted to thank all those at HCI who helped him along the way and shaped him into the academic he is today. 

“It feels very rewarding, four years of academics boiling down to one thing.”